by The Ambience Affair

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The debut album from The Ambience Affair.


released October 14, 2011



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Bluestack Records Ireland

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Track Name: weeds
I've left you in the dirt,
I've carved my name into the earth,
And I'll burn in my bed,
And I'll bury you again.

I've gorged myself at your table,
Yeah I've been fed yet I'm not full.
And I'll learn to shut my mouth,
And i'll learn to cut you out.

And I'll wait, in my bed, in my bed.
Track Name: fragile things
Brace yourself, brace yourself,
You better pace yourself,
I'm not coming back.

Such a tease, an awful tease,
You'd broken both my knees
And I'd not noticed.

Please somebody guide me.
Track Name: war weary (part one)
I've got a poison in my head,
Trying to break what I have left.
And I am wondering how
I fought it.
Track Name: to be led
I will follow,
I will follow you.
(I'm fallen.)
Track Name: the fallen
I've burned, you fall.
The bridge, you crossed.
But I wouldn't fall for you.

And I will always drag her under,
And I will never love another.

Now I'm falling,
Not I'm fallen.
Track Name: tides (of nothing)
It's a matter of time
Until I get what I want.
I've ingested the signs,
And I'm aware of it all.

Plague me, for I cannot hide.
Plague me, woah.
Track Name: tearing at the seams
Why do I fall onto my knees
At the thought of tearing out
the seams?
Bit I will never cease,
'Til I'm bereft of thee.

And I will take my punishment,
For I never knew what it meant.
And I will learn to rise again.
Track Name: war weary (part two)
What I've become
I'm not.
I know I've squandered it,
I know I've squandered it.
Track Name: war weary (part three)
In all of my woe,
I can't help but wonder if
I've outgrown her.

The further I go,
The more I dig under
What's been sown.

But I'll not reap alone,
And I'm not covered in holes.
Track Name: lost at the start
If I'm honest, I'm not genuine.
And this conquest, it was ill-advised.

But yeah you got something I'm not,
But yeah you got something I'm not.

Tell your selfish heart
That I'm lost at the start.
Track Name: (---)
Why do I sustain
A hope that's bound to fail
Me now?

God, I've tried to change,
But I've been washed away
With doubt.